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About this module

30 March, 2015 - 14:37

Welcome to this free courseware module ‘Introduction to wireless networks’!

This module is taken from the OUHK course ELEC S212 Network Programming and Design, a ten-credit, Middle level course that is part of the Bachelor of Science (BSc) or BSc (Hons) degree programme offered by the School of Science and Technology of the OUHK. This course provides you with a firm foundation for understanding network programming and design.

ELECS212 is mainly presented in printed format and comprises ten study units. Each unit contains study content, activities, self-tests, assigned readings, etc for students’ self-learning. This module retains most of these elements, so you can have a taste of what an OUHK course is like. Please note that no credits can be earned on completion of this module. If you would like to pursue it further, you are welcome to enrol in ELEC S212 Network Programming and Design.

This module will take you about eight hours to complete, including the time for completing the activities and self-tests (but not including the time for assigned readings).

Good luck, and enjoy your study!