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Array Variables

15 January, 2016 - 09:02
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- Array variables are declared like other variables: a declaration consists of the array's type followed by the array's name. For example, double[][] matrixOfDoubles; declares a variable whose type is a two-dimensional array of double-precision floating-point numbers.
- Declaring a variable of array type does not create an array object. It only creates the variable, which can contain a reference to an array.
- Because an array's length is not part of its type, a single variable of array type may contain references to arrays of different lengths.
- To complicate declarations, C/C++-like syntax is also supported, for example,
  double rowvector[], colvector[], matrix[][];

This declaration is equivalent to
double[] rowvector, colvector, matrix[]; or
double[] rowvector,
double[][] matrix;

Please use the latter!