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15 January, 2016 - 09:02
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Interactions pane: There are several ways to run your Java code. For now, we will restrict ourselves to the Interaction pane at the bottom of the main GUI window. This is where you can type in any valid Java statement. Usually, you would type in code to instantiate objects of classes defned in the Definitions window, and call their methods to check whether or not they perform correctly. Typing a valid Java expression terminated with a semi-colon and then pressing the Return (Enter) key, will cause DrJava to evaluate the expression but NOT printing the result. If you want DrJava to print the value of the result in the Interactions window, you should press Return without terminating the expression with a semi-colon. There is a menu item to reset (i.e. clear) the Interactions window. Another way to clear the Interactions window is to force a re-compile by editing the Definitions pane. If your code has printing statements, the output will be displayed in the Console Output pane.