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The country park management challenge: a case study

5 June, 2015 - 18:02

Now it's time to return to the park management challenge and in more detail. For this study we choose one of the biggest country parks in Hong Kong, Sai Kung East Country Park which is 4,477 ha in size. To give you perspective and some comparisons, the map in the following video shows the locations of Hong Kong's country parks, marine parks and the new geopark, and their sizes in ha.

Now just before we develop the scope of the management strategies of these big pieces of real estate called country parks, perhaps you would like to take a tour and 'visit' some of Sai Kung East Country Park. You can! We have uploaded a segment of the OUHK TV broadcast video entitled 'Hills, coasts and streams' which features some of the landscape, habitats and biodiversity present. Take a look now.

Video tour

The following video segment introduces you to the landscape of Sai Kung East Country Park, with a special feature on the appearance of a rare and special flower.


I will assume that you have accepted this 'on tour' opportunity and would like therefore to invite you to attempt an activity based on this tour. To further enhance this activity we will also supply you with access to the reading entitled, 'The geological and geomorphological attractions of High Island.'

You can now try Activity 1.3 and check the Activity feedback afterward.

Let's now move on to an appreciation of the challenges posed Sai Kung East Country Park. To appreciate this fully, and to approach it scientifically as a well trained AFCD officer, we need to call up our holistic perspective. How could we do this? One way, and a good way, would be to keep a comparative and at least partly worldwide view in mind. Can you now guess what sort of ideas should be in our mind at this point?