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Activity 1.3

5 December, 2014 - 11:02

Identify the ecological and biodiversity challenges and opportunities of Sai Kung East Country Park.

  1. Imagine that you are an officer with the AFCD and that your boss, the Senior Conservation Officer in charge of the huge Sai Kung East Country Park, has asked you to devise a list of:
    1. ecological
    2. geomorphological (landscape), and
    3. biodiversity 'hot species' resources for this park. The list is to be given to a post-graduate student (perhaps like you in the near future) to help him/her conduct a conservation and biodiversity update/reassessment of Sai Kung East Country Park.
  2. The list need not be too detailed. (It is a list after all) but you should try to put some reasons or short explanations and comments in parenthesis ( ) as you think fit.

There is feedback for this activity, but please make your own effort before you check it.