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Hong Kong's country park management challenge in a global context

2 January, 2015 - 12:24

Hong Kong is far more than a small southern coastal corner of China. Hong Kong has the eyes of the world upon it. Increasingly, world bodies such as UNESCO also look to Hong Kong for models that could be used to guide the very highly populated Asia tropics in their efforts to use the environment in an ecologically sustainable way as the demands of the 21st century intensify. This idea is expressed in various ways in some recent publications about the conservation of Hong Kong (e.g. Maxwell and Hung 2008; Yip et al. 2006; and Corlett 2009). A particularly good article on this topic is Yip, J J, 'Selecting small reserves in a human-dominated landscape: Hong Kong, China', Journal of Environmental Management, 78: 86–96. We won't require you to read it for this course, but it's a good resource to look up if you are interested.

Let's now visit and use an earlier resource about cultural perceptions of ecological resources.