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Readings in marine ecology

2 January, 2015 - 12:27

Please now study each of the following papers about Hong Kong marine ecology. They are arranged in a logical and educationally appropriate sequence

You may panic a bit at your first sight of these three readings, and feel that it will be too much. Don't – you will be given guidance in getting through them.

Reading 1.2 is a nice clear introduction to all the big ideas – it's an exercise in connecting ideas and critical thinking.

Reading 1.3 is solid science about a fantastic place in Hong Kong. The research was done by a former tutor in ecology at the OUHK; she was also awarded an MPhil degree from Chinese University for her excellent study of a red algal species on Tung Ping Chau. This paper may attract you to follow in their footsteps and visit Tung Ping Chau!

The next activity is based on Readings 1.2–1.4 (especially Reading 1.4). You will find it very rewarding because it provides deep training for you as a conservation biologist/ecologist. Please do your best, and then you will gain much from the detailed feedback.