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Activity 1.5

26 November, 2015 - 09:31

Connecting marine biology to the management of Tung Ping Chau's rocky shores

  1. The aim of this activity is to get you to connect some existing knowledge about rocky shore ecology in Hong Kong to the management and educational value of a particular ecological asset provided by Tung Ping Chau, as a marine park.
  2. The management situation - Imagine that you are a field studies or Nature Education Officer employed by the AFCD and your boss (an assistant director) has asked you to read the scientific paper provided (Kennish et al. 1996) and then devise:
    1. A research plan to compare the findings of Kennish et al. (1996) to the comparable situation, which has never been researched, on Tung Ping Chau. Note: that the assistant director has put you in charge of Tung Ping Chau's intertidal habitats for two years.
    2. A simple field trip guide that would help middle school (age 12–15) children and senior citizens who wish to visit Tung Ping Chau to learn about rocky shore ecology.
    3. A short report which is a critical analysis of the Kennish et al. (1996) paper, pointing out any aspects which could be improved upon if the study was repeated, say, at Tung Ping Chau.

Yes, there is (as promised) very detailed feedback to support your efforts made with this Activity. It is strongly recommended that you do attempt this activity before you read on.