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Geological conservation

2 January, 2015 - 17:39

From our brief mention of the geological aspects of both Tung Ping Chau and Hoi Ha Wan we can appreciate the interconnections of geo and eco components of natural resources which are the basis of the holistic conservation concerns in the country and marine parks of Hong Kong. There is a movement today in Hong Kong to promote geological conservation. The Association for Geoconservation Hong Kong writes letters to the papers on this topic. A number have been published in the South China Morning Post, e.g. on 24 August 2009 a letter by Cindy Choi called for the government to halt its plans for a wind farm at sea in the waters beyond the eastern coastline. What are your views on the idea of:

  • separate, specialist conservation groups like geoconservation, and
  • the desirability of a wind farm within eye sight of the Hong Kong coastline, in the Sai Kung region?

A recent trend in nature tourism in Hong Kong has been called geotourism to which mention was made earlier. Let's conclude our short geo resources account by presenting you with a thought for the future: are geo-resources equal in importance to eco-resources?

It is time to leave the countryside and look at how conservation, perhaps surprisingly, does also operate in the urban environment of Hong Kong.

Let try Activity and see the feedback followed.