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2 January, 2015 - 17:59

The big ideas of this module included:

  1. Hong Kong parks are protected areas and the country and marine parks contribute most to sustaining our natural biodiversity. Although relatively small and inbuilt-up areas, even urban parks contribute to biodiversity conservation (e.g. Kowloon Park).
  2. The comparatively huge area set aside by the HKSAR Government as country parks and other protected areas (~41,000 ha) presents a very considerable conservation challenge.
  3. The responses to the conservation challenge have resulted in a management strategy in the hands of a large department of professionals, the AFCD.
  4. Since the formal launch of the country parks programme in Hong Kong in 1976, there has been a net improvement in countryside ecology.
  5. Marine park management presents special challenges to the conservation of biodiversity and there is growing evidence that marine parks may benefit ecologically from the status of marine reserve within the near future.

If you would like to learn more on this subject, you are welcome to enrol in BIOL S301 Conservation and Biodiversity offered by the School of Science and Technology of the OUHK.