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Professional Associations

19 January, 2016 - 15:28

Professional associations are usually nonprofit organizations whose goal is to further a particular profession. Almost every profession has its own professional organization. For example, in the field of human resources, the Society for Human Resource Management allows companies to post jobs relating to HR. The American Marketing Association, also a professional organization, allows job postings as well. Usually, there is a fee involved, and membership in this association may be required to post jobs. Here are some examples of professional associations:

Figure 4.5 Overview of the Steps to the Recruitment Process 
  1. Professional Nursing Association
  2. Society of Women Engineers
  3. International Federation of Accountants
  4. Institute of Management Consultants United Professional Sales Association
  5. National Lawyers Guild
  6. National Organization of Minority Architects
  7. International Federation of Journalists (union)
  8. International Metalworkers Federation (union)
  9. Association of Flight Attendants (union)

Labor unions can also be excellent sources of candidates, and some unions also allow job postings on their website. We will discuss unions further in  "Working with Labor Unions". The key to using this as a successful recruitment strategy is to identify the organizations that relate to your business and to develop relationships with members in these organizations. This type of networking can help introduce you to people in your industry who may be looking for a job or know of someone who needs a job.

Human Resource Recall

What do you think is the best way to determine the right set of recruitment methods for your organization? What methods would be best for your current job?