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Succession Planning

2 November, 2015 - 09:48

Succession planning is a process of identifying and developing internal people who have the potential for filling positions. As we know, many people leave organizations because they do not see career growth or potential. One way we can combat this in our retention plan is to make sure we have a clear succession planning process that is communicated to employees. Succession planning is sometimes called the talent bench, because successful companies always have talented people “on the bench” or ready to do the job should a key position become vacant. The goals of most succession plans include the following: 1

  • Identify high-potential employees capable of advancing to positions of higher responsibility.
  • Ensure the development of these individuals to help them be “ready” to earn a promotion into a new position.
  • Ensure diversity in the talent bench by creating a formal succession planning process.

Succession planning must be just that: planned. This allows clear communication to the employees on how they can further develop within the organization, and it helps them see what skills they should master before that time comes. "Training and Development" will provide more information on how to develop and implement a succession plan.