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26 July, 2019 - 09:47
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Click on empty space and drag to select the entire diagram.

Figure 1.18 Select G Block Diagram 

The selected diagram is highlighted as shown in Selected G Block Diagram

Figure 1.19 Selected G Block Diagram 

From the Edit menu select Create SubVI to create a G function. The resulting diagram is shown in Creating a Function .

Figure 1.20 Creating a Function 

From the File menu select Save All and save the Untitled function as Fahrenheit to

Figure 1.21 Diagram with Function  

Open the Fahrenheit to by double clicking on the icon. Right click on the icon editor (upper right corner) and select Edit Icon...

Figure 1.22 Edit Icon 

This pops-up the Icon Editor. Edit the function's icon.

Figure 1.23 Icon Editor  

After editing the icon, the function's icon is shown in the upper right corner of the Front Panel window. Save the function, plug in various input values and run the function. Save the function.

Figure 1.24 Edited Icon 

Close theFahrenheit to Celsius function and return to the Celsius Block Diagram windows. The Celsius diagram reflects the updated Fahrenheit to Celsius icon

Figure 1.25 Function Calling