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Flat Sequence

26 July, 2019 - 09:47
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Flat Sequences always execute left to right. A Flat Sequence structure starts with a single frame and allows a user to visualize the diagram sequences.

Figure 5.45 Sequence Frame 

To add frames to a sequence, right click on the sequence structure and select either Add Frame After or Add Frame Before from the pop-up menu according to the program's needs.

Figure 5.46 Adding Sequence Frames  

Add two more frames to the sequence structure to get a three frame sequence as shown in Three Frame Sequence.

Figure 5.47 Three Frame Sequence 

From the Functions » Programming » Timing menu select Tick Count (ms) function.

Figure 5.48 Tick Count Function 

Drop the Tick Count (ms) function in the frst (left most) frame of this sequence. Make a copy of the Tick Count function and place it on the third (right most) frame as shown in Start and Stop Tick Counts.

Figure 5.49 Start and Stop Tick Counts  

Add a For Loop that iterates 5,000 times to the second frame. Add a subtract operator, an unsigned integer 32 output and complete the program as shown in Timing G Program. The execution of this program shows the time in milliseconds it took for the 2nd sequential frame to execute.

Figure 5.50 Timing G Program