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Boolean Selection

26 July, 2019 - 09:47
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In the Front Panel window, select a Boolean control and an output string.

Figure 5.2 Case Selection User Interface  

Arrange the diagram to look as in Case Selection G Diagram.

Figure 5.3 Case Selection G Diagram 

In theTrue case, add a string constant containing True Case.

Figure 5.4 True Case Diagram 

To select the False case, click on the selector label down arrow and select False from the pop-up menu. You can also cycle through the cases by clicking the next (right) or previous (left) arrows.

Selecting False Case media/image5.png

In the False case, add a string constant containing False Case.

Figure 5.5 False Case Diagram 

Wire the string constant in the case structure to the output string terminal.

Figure 5.6 Wiring Case Structures 

Select theTrue case and wire the string constant to the case structure tunnel. Complete the diagram as shown in Completed Case Diagram.

Figure 5.7 Completed Case Diagram 

It is important to note that all instances in a case structure must be wired to enable data to flow from thecase structure.

In the Front Panel window, toggle the Boolean input control and run the program.

Figure 5.8 False Selection 
Figure 5.9 True Selection