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Pipelining Using Feedback Nodes

26 July, 2019 - 09:47
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Feedback Nodes provide a storage mechanism between loop iterations. They are programmatically identical to the Shift Registers. Feedback Nodes consist of an Initializer Terminal and the Feedback Node itself (see Figure Feedback Node).

Figure 10.10 Feedback Node 

To add a Feedback Node, right click on the Block Diagram window and select Feedback Node from the Functions »Programming »Structures pop-up menu. The direction of the Feedback Node can be changed by right clicking on the node and selecting Change Direction.

Figure 10.11 Feedback Node Direction 

The diagram shown in Figure Pipelining with Feedback Node is programmatically identical to the diagram in Figure Pipelined Tasks.

Figure 10.12 Pipelining with Feedback Node 

Similarly, the diagram in Figure Pipelining Tasks with Feedback Nodes is programmatically identical to that in Figure Task Pipelining Program Example.

Figure 10.13 Pipelining Tasks with Feedback Nodes