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15 January, 2016 - 09:18

Interview with Apurva Ghelani

Listen to Ghelani’s advice to students interested in working in his area of marketing.


If a product faces competition, its producer will need to think about how to “position” it in the marketplace relative to competing products. Positioning involves tailoring a product or its marketing so that it stands out from the competition and people want to buy it. A perceptual map is a two-dimensional graph that visually shows where a product stands, or should stand, relative to its competitors, based on criteria important to buyers. Sometimes firms find it advantageous to reposition their products. Repositioning is an effort to “move” a product to a different place in the minds of consumers.


  1. Why do companies position products?
  2. Explain what a tagline is designed to do.
  3. Why might an organization reposition a product?