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Enharmonic Intervals and Chords

22 July, 2019 - 10:18
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Figure 1.31 Enharmonic Intervals

Chords (Chords) and intervals also can have enharmonic spellings. Again, it is important to name a chord or interval as it has been spelled, in order to understand how it fits into the rest of the music. A C sharp major chord means something different in the key of D than a D flat major chord does. And an interval of a diminished fourth means something different than an interval of a major third, even though they would be played using the same keys on a piano. (For practice naming intervals, see Interval. For practice naming chords, see Naming Triads and Beyond Triads: Naming Other Chords. For an introduction to how chords function in a harmony, see Beginning Harmonic Analysis.)

Figure 1.32 Chords