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31 December, 2014 - 11:41
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This is the most basic ear training skill, crucial to being able to play music that people will want to hear.


  • At the beginner level, work with a skilled musician who can teach you how to tune your instrument and help you identify and fix tuning problems.
  • Play with other musicians often. (Playing along with recordings does not teach good tuning skills.) Don't just tune at the beginning of rehearsals and performances. Listen at all times and be ready to retune any note whenever necessary.
  • Spend as much time as necessary tuning whenever you play. Do not (knowingly) practice while out of tune; if you do, it will slow down your ear training tremendously. Whenever possible, until you are good at tuning, get someone else to help you tune every time you play.
  • Practice tuning quickly and accurately. Learn any alternate fingerings and other "tricks" available on your instrument for fine-tuning each note as you play.