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Naming Chords Within a Key

22 July, 2019 - 10:18
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So far we have concentrated on identifying chord relationships by number, because this system is commonly used by musicians to talk about every kind of music from classical to jazz to blues. There is another set of names that is commonly used, particularly in classical music, to talk about harmonic relationships. Because numbers are used in music to identify everything from beats to intervals to harmonics to what fingering to use, this naming system is sometimes less confusing.

Figure 5.34 Name Chords Within a Key

Exercise 5.14:

Name the chord.

  1. Dominant in C major
  2. Subdominant in E major
  3. Tonic in G sharp major
  4. Mediant in F major
  5. Supertonic in D major
  6. Submediant in C major
  7. Dominant seventh in A major

Exercise 5.15

The following chord progression is in the key of G major. Identify the relationship of each chord to the key by both name and number. Which chord is not in the key? Which chord in the key has been left out of the progression?

Figure 5.35 Exercise 5.15