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Practical Application

9 December, 2015 - 12:14
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Investigate and find what is so special about each of your students. You may begin with your disruptive ones first, if you want. In one way or another, let each one of these students know that you are aware of their unique talents or skills. Seek to find numerous ways for each of your students to feel that they belong to the school and class. Be careful not to assume that being assigned to a group will satisfy this need. To get a true sense of belonging, the student needs to feel personally accepted in the group. This is often accomplished by being invited into a group or taking an active part in a group.

Find and use appropriate touch with your students. This is most effective after you have formed a positive relationship and developed trust with them. At the very least, it is always appropriate to greet and congratulate with a handshake. You will have to exercise good judgment with touch and be sensitive to the fact that some may have had prior inappropriate or abusive experiences.

Use every opportunity to bring hope into your school and to each student. Learning from one's mistakes and realizing the progress they are making is extremely hopeful. Review all practices and procedures that you now use and view them in the light of giving or taking away hope. Stop all practices that destroy hope and fnd new ones that ofer hope.

When problem-solving with your students, note any needs that the students mention when explaining the circumstances or their actions. If other needs or wants surface, try to fnd positive ways for the students to meet these needs.

Expected Outcomes

  • Students learn to meet their needs in positive ways.
  • Students have a greater sense of satisfaction and fulfillment in school.
  • Disruptive behavior is greatly reduced and very often eliminated.
  • The possibility of the principal or teacher being a special person in the life of the student is increased greatly.
  • The possibility of the school being a special place for the student is increased greatly.
  • Students grow, develop, and learn more in school.