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Definition of Terms

2 March, 2015 - 11:05
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The following terms are relevant to this discussion: (1) culturally responsive leadership, (2) leadership for social justice, and (3) place based education. Culturally responsive leadership involves providing leadership for teaching that recognizes students' home cultures, maintains high academic expectations, and uses instruction that addresses the variety of educational needs of diverse learners (King, Artiles & Kozleski, 2009). Leadership for social justice has as its focus, equity. At its core, social justice has three goals; (a) raising academic achievement for all students, (b) preparing students to live as critical citizens, and (c) structuring schools with heterogeneous, inclusive environments (McKenzie et al., 2008). Place based education 1 focuses upon the use of students' local political, social, cultural, natural, and economic environments to enhance learning (Smith, 2002). There are clear connections as well as overlap among these terms.