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Leadership Behavior

2 March, 2015 - 11:35
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Depending upon the concern, female administrators may demonstrate leadership behaviors along a continuum ranging from autocratic to collaborative decision making. Along this continuum, inclusive, nurturing and task oriented behaviors are characteristic of synergistic leadership theory. In 2008, the Aldine Texas Independent School District received recognition for academic excellence in urban education under the direction of Superintendent, Wanda Bamberg. Described as a visionary with high expectations, Bamberg uses a team approach to address the challenges in her school district. Student advisory groups, teachers, building level and district level administrators are assigned specific tasks to achieve Aldine Independent School District goals (Pascopella, 2008). Receipt of national recognition for student achievement despite obstacles experienced in an urban environment is evidence of effective leadership.

Grogan (2005) in a study on female superintendents reported that women enjoy teaching and view themselves as educational leaders that affect student learning . The Maryland State Department of Education Superintendent Nancy Grasmick demonstrates leadership behaviors focused on student needs and teacher development at the classroom level. Grounding the decision making process is the yearly school visit goal of approximately 100 schools. State Superintendent Grasmick reported that tough decisions are made easier with the thought of doing what is right for her 900,000 students (Chase, 2006).