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Definitions of Terms

2 March, 2015 - 11:31
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Gender Inclusive: Operationally defined as the acknowledgment of the female perspective and experiences in conjunction with the leadership attributes inherent to both males and females (Irby, Brown, Yang, 2009).

Attitudes, Beliefs, and Values: Operationally defined as foundations for the guiding principles that influence leadership behavior as demonstrated through actions (Irby, Brown, Yang, 2009).

Leadership Behavior: Operationally defined as behaviors which are characteristic of both male and females in leadership positions and may range from autocratic to nurturer (Irby, Brown, Yang, 2009).

Organizational Structure: Operationally defined as the characteristics of an organization and may range from a collaborative feminist style structure to a tightly bureaucratic structure (Irby, Brown, Yang, 2009).

External Forces: Operationally defined as factors that are outside the organization and not controlled by the leader of the organization (Irby, Brown, Yang, 2009).