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Case Study & Activities

2 March, 2015 - 10:41
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How do school leaders put into action the spiritual and ethical elements of leadership? A practical case study that all school leaders have struggled with will help the reader to see a practical application.

Suppose that you are a principal of a successful school. You have worked to develop your spirituality and you take seriously the desire to act in an ethical manner. One of your teachers is poor. He mistreats students, infects your staff with his bad attitude, and he blames his failures with the students on your inept (his opinion) leadership. Unfortunately he is not blatant in his behavior. He knows how to conduct a good class when you are observing. He does his supervision and other duties. His actions are hard to document.

One day you find out that he is applying to transfer to a school in another school district. The principal of the receiving school has called you for a reference. What kind of reference do you give him?

Answer the same scenario as though you are the director of human resources in the school district where the poor teacher is employed. His principal has shared the teacher's performance with you. Should you receive the call from the principal who is considering hiring him? How do you respond to the request? What is the thinking that influences your answer? How is your thought process different from that of the principal in the first part of the scenario? What types of ethical decisions are in conflict?