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Attitudes, Beliefs, and Values

2 March, 2015 - 10:41
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Beliefs, attitudes, and values impact upon a leader's decision making and are consequently reflected in the organization. Valuing character, ethics, and integrity, respecting the need for professional growth, and building trust and support among employees are elements of SLT as outlined in the tetrahedral model (Irby, Brown, Yang, 2009). Female leaders are perceived as effective when the beliefs, attitudes, and values of an organization are perceived to be genuinely reflected in her behaviors (Kawakami, White, & Langer, 2000). These findings support the assertions of SLT that there is interconnectedness of the attitudes, values, and beliefs of an organization and the leader. Irby, Brown, &Yang (2009) write "For 21stcentury leaders, understanding the attitudes, values, and beliefs of themselves and of the individuals they lead is critical to moving the vision of the organization forward" (p.6).