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Duration: Rest Length

22 July, 2019 - 10:18
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A rest stands for a silence in music. For each kind of Duration: Note Lengths in Written Music, there is a written rest of the same length.

Figure 1.42 The Most Common Rests

Exercise 1.9

For each note on the first line, write a rest of the same length on the second line. The first Beats and Measures is done for you.

Figure 1.43 Measure

Rests don't necessarily mean that there is silence in the music at that point; only that that part is silent. Often, on a The Staff with multiple parts, a rest must be used as a placeholder for one of the parts, even if a single person is playing both parts. When the rhythms are complex, this is necessary to make the rhythm in each part clear.

: media/image47.png
Figure 1.44 When multiple simultaneous rhythms are written on the same staff, rests may be used to clarify individual rhythms, even if another rhythm contains notes at that point.