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Browser supports

17 June, 2015 - 10:01
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Caution: The information in this module is outdated. Please see my coursel0 for a table of contents.
Note: This page meant to be viewed with a MathML-enabled browser. If you see (∀x. (P(x) → (∃y. (P(y) ∨ φ)))) as a nice version of (forall x . (P(x) -> (exists y . (P(y) v phi)))) you're doing okay; If you further see A\vdash B as a nice version of (scriptA I-scriptB) you're setl If not, see our description of browser support (Section 6.7) .

At Rice on the CSNet, use mozilla. Preferably, use version 1.1, as currently available on Solaris 8 machines. On frosty.cs, version 1.1 is the default. On other Solaris 8 machines, version 1.1 is not yet the default, but available via Iopt1Imozilla-1.1Isunos5IbinImozilla.

In general, to view TeachLogic web pages, you'll need a browser that supports the following features:

  • Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)11 Most recent browsers support CSS sufciently well.
  • MathMLl2 Some browsers support MathML sufciently well. However, most (all?) do not fully support Unicode Plane 1 numerical entity references, which includes most mathematical alphanumeric characters.
  • Math-oriented fontsl3

Which browsers support these features? The above links provide more details, but here's a summary of some browsers.

  • Mozilla14 and Netscape15 (version 7.0) Both work, except some characters (Unicode Plane 1) don't appear correctly.
  • Internet Explorerl6 is not yet an option, even with the MathPlayer plug-inl7 to view MathML. IE won't display pages with some characters (Unicode Plane 1).

Alternatively, PDF versions of the web pages are also provided via the Base module's index .