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The Brand Identity Guide: A blueprint toward success

27 April, 2016 - 14:53

Once you have developed your business name into a logo and are in the process of trade-marking that name, many entrepreneurs begin widespread use of the logo in marketing materials to raise awareness of their product or service to their targeted customers. Well-known branded businesses assign someone the task of making sure the logo is properly utilized, with the correct color ink, in the correct size, in the correct location of the page layout especially when used in conjunction with other logos. A style guide for the use of the logo is often called a “brand identity guide”.

Blog Back 4: Brand Identity

Blog Back: Brainstorm the development of a Brand Identity Guide to illustrate the use of your logo in any materials you or others create to market the product or service you would like to create.

  • What is your brand essence?
  • What is your brand advantage?
  • What font and font size will you utilize for your logo?
  • What if any visual image/drawing/illustration will accompany the text of your logo?
  • What colors will you utilize for your logo? Using the pantone color chart, select the exact color(s) you wish to utilize.
  • Will your logo be depicted differently if it’s used in a horizontal vs a vertical page lay out?
  • What is the smallest size your logo can appear?
  • What rules govern your logo’s use when it appears with logos from other companies such as may be the case with a sponsorship?
  • In what countries would you like to trademark your logo?
  • Is there anything else you would like to share about the brand you plan to create?

Go to: and share an outline of your Brand Identity Guide.