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Public relations: the sensational rim on the wheel

24 February, 2015 - 17:30

Public relations are the activities one engages in to generate excitement about your new venture so that editorial coverage will occur. Editorial coverage is thought to be much more valuable then advertising in media because people perceive editorial coverage as authentic and of interest. Startups need to generate a great deal of excitement known as “buzz” in order to make the case for media coverage. Because entrepreneurs normally don’t have much if any marketing budgets to initially launch his or her new venture, relying on public relations coverage becomes essential for the success of a new venture.

In order to increase your chances for coverage of the new venture you will want to make sure that communications with the media include information about your new venture that is written in what is known as a “tight” manner including, if possible, the following attributes:

  • concise/brief summary
  • straight-forward
  • timely and quite current
  • a first of its kind if possible
  • attention-grabbing
  • authentic and truthful
  • tying-in if possible with an emerging trend
  • remarkable
  • and absolutely accurate