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24 February, 2015 - 17:30

After seeing what a business model is and the required issues involved in having a successful business model test and implementation; companies must keep in mind that there is no one time testing of a model and guarantees of success in the business world. In our era, businesses are dynamical propelled by technology that change constantly as we move more and more into a more global world. The keys for companies to succeed are to be always focused and to be flexible enough to adjust its business model quickly and effectively according to the changing demands of customers and markets.

One of the most important functions that companies can have to anticipate competitive threats and to recognize evolving market opportunities is to have a continuing competitive intelligence function within the company. Management failures are frequently associated with the inability to anticipate rapid changes in the markets, respond to new and proliferating competition, or re-orient technologies and the strategic direction of their business toward changing customer needs and new industry standards. Competitive intelligence is an important function in today’s rapidly changing business environment.