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Inadequate or incorrect internal accounting

24 February, 2015 - 17:30

All firms, whether young or mature, need cost accounting systems which can report costs and—as far as they are specifically attributable—revenues per cost unit, cost center, and department. It is important that start-ups establish systems for unit cost accounting, cost center accounting, and breakeven analysis (cf. Scherrer 1999) in order to be able to assess economic inefficiencies and sources of loss by means of target/actual comparisons and profit margins. If the competition is fierce, firms should also establish target costing to be able to undermine competitors by adjusting price policy.

Doing without any kind of cost accounting leads not only to the fact that sources of loss remain undiscovered, but also that profit potentials stay hidden as well. Both of these points represent possible growth risks. Start-ups must therefore avoid this risk by establishing cost and profit accounting, and a breakeven analysis as quickly as possible.