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Potential external relationship obstacles

24 February, 2015 - 17:30

Outsourcing offers a number of potential benefits for companies; however they cannot ignore the obstacles that come along with outsourcing. Some countries have not achieved the desired benefits from outsourcing, because they have not realized the expected cost reductions anticipated from outsourcing their business processes to a third party. The lack of capable suppliers and service providers is a major problem. Losing control over the outsourced process is not uncommon. Additionally, problems and issues may emerge due to the integration of services and systems provided by the vendor.

Problems within the networked organization usually arise due to the failure in identifying all stakeholders and network partners. All nodes and partners in the networked organization have to know and recognize all the stakeholders involved. Another potential problem can result from having dominant nodes, which must be eliminated in the early stages of the relationship. All nodes within a relationship must fully understand the mission and goals. Having incompatible missions and goals will destroy a relationship and no benefits will be achieved. Also, problems may arise from clashing company cultures. Therefore, when choosing a supplier or a partner in the networked organization, having similar goals, missions, and similar ways of performing the business processes are vital for the success of the relationship.