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eMarket your website

24 February, 2015 - 17:30

Register your website with search engines, some registration domain sites may have this available (check their pages and see if they do this) and what it will cost you to have your web site pulled to the front of the list. The more search engines that you register with the more the site will be displayed to those looking for products or services you offer. Note: a number of these sites are fee based, the more times your site comes up in a search the more it may cost you. At a minimum, you should consider registering your web page with both Google and Yahoo (instruction with registering on these search engines can be found on there respective sites). Both of these sites as well as are the most commonly used web search engines sites globally.

In this process, when you view your web page, at the bottom you will a see box called Meta Tags (Meta tags are text within the source code of a web page. It provides information to search engines about the content of a specific page or site) This is where you put in key words or phrases that the search engines will pick up on when someone does a search.


  • Fish Store: Fish, Fresh Water, Fish Food, Guppies, Angel, etc.
  • Pet Store: Dog, Cat, Hamster, Dog Food, Cat Food, etc.
  • Computer Store: Computer, Hard Disk, CD, Hard Drive, DVD, etc.

If you are in a business that does not sell on the Internet, you may want to hold off on paying for this option as local people will go to your site from advertising, word of mouth or local Web searches.

As noted earlier, having a web presence is a very important part of a business today. You must make sure to take the time to plan and design your site so that it has the professional look and a certain “panache” or style that will help your business distinguish it from others. A site that not only will encourage visitors to return, but offers the information they are seeking the first time they visit. With careful and thoughtful planning and decision making you can create a small business site that can and will compete with larger companies, enhance your business and increase your margins and profits.