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24 February, 2015 - 17:30

Internet search engines make it possible to quickly access information on seemingly any subject. Unfortunately, because anyone can establish and then fail to maintain a website, Internet data is often dated, unreliable, and of dubious value. This places a burden on the entrepreneur to check Internet data carefully before using it. Nonetheless, there is much useful information to be found on the Internet at government, organization, and corporate websites. The information from these sources generally consists of reliable facts and figures. Frequently, these facts and figures will need to be manipulated by the entrepreneur in order to be rendered in a useful form.

In today’s market, there are few products and services that are not rated by a third party, e.g. consumer organizations, magazines, commercial sellers, and blogs. However, the qualifications and impartiality of third party raters may be questionable. The entrepreneur should not rely on a single source for product reviews and exercise due diligence by checking multiple sources for product ratings. The entrepreneur should bear in mind that his/her firm and products will eventually be rated on the Internet and check to see that the firm’s rating is favorable.