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5 February, 2015 - 11:20

Microsoft and Borland are the two reputable names within the programming world for compilers. They sell compiler software for many programming languages. For the C++ programming language, the Microsoft Visual Studio which includes C++ and Borland C++ Builder are excellent compilers. Often with textbooks or free via the internet; you can get Microsoft's Visual C++ Express or Borland's Personal Edition version of a compiler. However, installing either of these compliers can be complex. Microsoft's Visual Studio compiler often creates a variety of installation problems (such as making sure the operating system and .net components are current) thus making it difficult for students to install at home. These compliers require you to build a project to encompass every program. Using a commercially sold compiler that professional programmers would consider using for project development is fne for professionals but often confusing to beginners. Eventually, if you are going to become a professional programmer, you will need to become familiar with the commercially sold compilers.

We suggest that beginning students consider one of the easier to install compiler software packages for use in a programming fundamentals course. The best option we have found is an open source compiler/IDE (Integrated Development Environment) named: Bloodshed Dev-C++ 5 compiler/IDE.

Definition 1.5: open source

Group development of source code for software that is made available to the public at no cost.