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5 February, 2015 - 12:21

Definition 1.9: modularization

The ability to group some lines of code into a unit that can be included in our program.

Definition 1.10: function

What modules are called in the two predominant programming languages of today: C++ and Java.

Definition 1.11: program control

Functions used to simply sub divide and control the program.

Definition 1.12: specific task

Functions designed to be used with several programs.

Definition 1.13: parameter passing

How the data is communicated in to and out of a function.

Definition 1.14: identifier name

The name given by the programmer to identify a function or other program items such as variables.

Definition 1.15: function prototype

A function's communications declaration to a complier.

Definition 1.16: function call

A function's using or invoking of another function.

Definition 1.17: function definition

The code that defnes what a function does.

Definition 1.18: braces

Used to identify a block of code in C++.