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Creating the Needed Folders and Sub-Folders

12 February, 2015 - 10:18

You need to get the software and a C++ source code program that has been tested and is error free. You will need about 80MB of storage space. We suggest that you create two folders on your hard drive or flash drive depending on which installation you choose. If on a flash drive create them at the root level of the drive. If on your home machine, you can use the folder area set up by the operating system for you as a user. Name them:

  • Cpp_Software_Download
  • Cpp_Source_Code_Files

Within the Cpp Source Code Files folder, create a sub-folder named:

  • Compiler_Test

To help you keep files organized, you will want to create other sub-folders for storing source code files. We suggest you create at least two other sub-folder to be used with the modules. Within the Cpp Source Code Files, create sub-folders named:

  • Demo_Programs
  • Monitor_Header

Definition 1.7: folder

A named area for storage of documents or other files on a disk drive or flash drive.

Definition 1.8: source code

Any collection of statements or declarations written in some human-readable computer programming language.