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Detailed Lab Instructions

5 February, 2015 - 16:24

Read and follow the directions below carefully, and perform the steps in the order listed.

  • The Problem/Task I have a friend who is visiting from Europe and he does not understand Fahrenheit temperatures. We need to write a program that allows him to enter the temperature in Fahrenheit (as announced on TV or radio) and convert it to Celsius. Clue 1: Fahrenheit water freezes at 32 degrees and boils at 212 degrees. Celsius water freezes a zero (0) degrees and boils at 100 degrees. Google the internet (how to convert Fahrenheit to Celsius) if you need more help. Clue 2: You can also use Internet sites to do a conversion and thus create your test data.
  • You only need two variables in this program: Fahrenheit and Celsius both of which should be the integer data type. When you convert the Fahrenheit to Celsius you will need to use a floating-point expression doing floating-point calculations for precision. Additionally we want to round up or down the Celsius answer by adding 0.5 to the calculation expression.
  • Within your sub-folder: Chapter 04 you will need to create three files: Lab_04_Pseudocode.txt and Lab_04_Test_Data.txt and Lab_04.cpp NOTE: It will be easier to copy some previous files from another assignment and use those copies by renaming them and modifying them as appropriate. The professor is expecting the items you create to have a similar format to those we have been using in the course.
  • Create your pseudocode, test data and source code files.
  • Build (compile and run) your program. You have successfully written this program when it runs with your test data and gives the predicted results.
  • After you have successfully written this program, if you are taking this course for college credit, follow the instructions from your professor/instructor for submitting it for grading.