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Testing the Coded Program -Code Checking

5 February, 2015 - 11:20

The test data can be developed and used to test the algorithm that is documented (in our case our pseudocode) during the program design phase. Once the program is code with compiler and linker errors resolved, the programmer gets to play user and should test the program using the test data developed. When you run your program, how will you know that it is working properly? Did you properly plan your logic to accomplish your purpose? Even if your plan was correct, did it get converted correctly (coded) into the chosen programming language (in our case C++)? The answer (or solution) to all of these questions is our test data.

By developing test data we are predicting what the results should be, thus we can verify that our program is working properly. When we run the program we would enter the input values used in our test data. Hopefully the program will output the predicted values. If not then our problem could be any of the following:

  1. The plan (IPO outline or other item) could be wrong
  2. The conversion of the plan to code might be wrong
  3. The test data results were calculated wrong

Resolving problems of this nature can be the most difficult problems a programmer encounters. You must review each of the above to determine where the error is lies. Fix the error and re-test your program.