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Problem 06a -Instructions

6 February, 2015 - 10:04

Create a hierarchy chart for the following pseudocode example.

Example 6.8: pseudocode

******************************************************Filename: Average_IQ.txtPurpose: Average the IQs of two peopleAuthor: Ken Busbee; © Kenneth Leroy BusbeeDate: Jan 17, 2009******************************************************
Function mainPass In: nothingCall: get_iqsCall: process_iqsCall: show_averagePass Out: zero to the OSEndfunction


Function get_iqsPass In: nothingdisplay a message asking user for the IQ of the first personget the IQ of the first person from the keyboarddisplay a message asking user for the IQ of the second personget the IQ of the second person from the keyboardPass Out: nothingEndfunction


Function process_iqsPass In: nothingcalculate the answer by adding the two IQs anddividing by 2.0Pass Out: nothingEndfunction


Function show_averagePass In: nothingdisplay the answer with an appropriate messageCall: pausePass Out: nothingEndfunction


Function pausePass In: nothingdirect the operating system to pause the programPass Out: nothingEndfunction


Potential Variables

Data Type Identifier Name********* ***************integer iq1integer iq2double answer

******************************************************End of file