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General Discussion

5 February, 2015 - 11:20

The typedef statement allows the programmer to create an alias, or synonym, for an existing data type. This can be useful in documenting a program. The C++ programming language syntax is:

typedef <the real data type><the alias identifier name>; 

Let's say a programmer is using a double data type to store the amount of money that is being used for various purposes in a program. He might define the variables as follows:

Example 9.2: Regular Definition of Variables

double income; double rent; double vacation; 

However, he might use the typedef statement and define the variables as follows:

Example 9.3: Using typedef when Defning Variables

typedef double cash; the typedef must be defined before its use cash income; cash rent; cash vacation; 

The typedef statement is not used very often by beginning programmers. It usually creates more confusion than needed, thus stick to using the normal data types at first.