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Detailed Lab Instructions

6 February, 2015 - 11:05

Read and follow the directions below carefully, and perform the steps in the order listed.

  • Navigate to your sub-folder: Chapter 07. Compile and run the Lab 07 Testing Shell source code. Note: This program uses an include file that points to the "udst monitor.h" file as explained in Chapter 7 materials.
  • Following same process as shown in the module "Using a Header File for User Defned Specifc Task Functions" that is within the Chapter 7 materials; make the following files: udst us to metric.h and udst us to metric prototypes.txt and Lab 07 Verify Header.cpp
  • Copy the header file to your user library, then build (compile and run) your verify header program.
  • After you have successfully written this program, if you are taking this course for college credit, follow the instructions from your professor/instructor for submitting it for grading.