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Verify that the Header File Works Properly

5 February, 2015 - 11:20

Review the Monitor Verify Header.cpp source code file and note the two include commands are dif ferent.

  1. The Standard Library uses a less than and a greater than to bracket the Standard Library name of: iostream
  2. The user library uses quote marks to bracket the location of the header file. This identifes to the complier that we are specifying the exact file we want. We provide a complete file specification (drive, path information, filename and extension).
  3. Because this item is technically a string within C++, we must use two back slashes between the drive, path(s) and filename. This is because the first back slash assumes that the next character is an escape code and if we really don't want an escape code but a back slash, the second back slash says no I wanted a back slash.This string: "C:\\Dev-Cpp\\user library\\udst monitor.h" will be interpreted to mean: C:\Dev-Cpp\user library\udst monitor.h

Depending on what drive you are using, what path folder structure you are using and what you called your folder; you may need to correct the include reference within the source code so that it properly references the header file.

Compile and run the Monitor Verify Header.cpp program. Note: It should work exactly as the Monitor Testing Shell.cpp program.