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Specifc Task Functions

5 February, 2015 - 11:20

To create good Specifc Task functions you need to do all communication needed via parameter passing. Thus all programs that will use the function will communicate in precisely the same way. In our leap year example, you would communicate into the function the year and the function would return the communication of true or false; meaning it is a leap year and there is a 29th of February (true) or it is not a leap year (false).

The ability to modularize our program into specific task functions means that we can write the specific task function once making sure it works correctly, then reuse it over and over in many programs. As you can guess there is a balance. Most programs will have some program control functions and some specific task functions. The key to deciding if the function should be a specific task function is usually rooted in the uniqueness of the task so that it can be used in many programs. Specifc task functions once created are usually placed into a user defined library then shared with others for use in many programs.