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Type it Yourself

11 February, 2015 - 15:07

Lab assignments are to be your own personal typing efforts. That is you are to type them or make the modifications yourself to the files (documents, spreadsheets, databases, programming source code, etc.) If your course is a programming subject, you are to run the source code file on your compiler, making corrections as need to complete the lab assignment. If the directions for an assignment include starting a new file then don't use an existing file and modify it to complete the assignment. Unless specifically authorized by your professor, students should not complete computerized course work as a team or group and then share the final completed product.

Students have said that they worked as a team or group and that all participated and all learned the materials. Don't try this excuse because professors don't buy it. Here is the problem: Part of the learning process is in you doing it yourself. Example: I ask two students to make me some pancakes for breakfast; I expect two individually prepared plates of pancakes (one from each of them) for my breakfast. The professor really does not want to eat two plates of pancakes (or 50 to 100 plates of pancakes, depending on how many students they are teaching), but part of your directed learning activity for the course is to demonstrate that you can make pancakes (not watch someone else make pancakes or participate as a group to make pancakes).