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Creating a Folder or Sub-Folder for your User Library

5 February, 2015 - 11:20

Depending on your compiler/IDE, you should decide where to create a folder that will hold the header files you create. We suggest that you create the folder in conjunction with the compiler/IDE software. If you were using the Bloodshed Dev-C++ 5 compiler/IDE you most likely installed the compiler/IDE software at: C:\Dev-Cpp\ if you installed it on your machine or at: DriveLetter:\Dev-Cpp\ (where the DriveLetter is the drive that represents your flash drive) if you installed it on a flash drive. We suggest that you create a sub-folder at that location named:

  • user library

The path of: C:\Dev-Cpp\user library would be created as the location for your user library if using your machine installation. You can literally place it anywhere and name the library any name, but once you decide on a place and name; you do not want to move or rename the folders.