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Computer Installation Instructions

5 February, 2015 - 11:20
  1. Navigate to the Cpp Software Download folder and run the devcpp- setup.exe software by double cliking on the filename.
  2. Use common sense and answer the installation prompts. NOTE THE FOLLOWING TWO ITEMS:
  3. When it gets to the "Choose Install Location" use the default software location of: C:\Dev-Cpp\ (or select the location you want to store the installed program but use the default unless you are familiar with installing software).
  4. When it asks: "Do you want to install Dev C++ for all users on this computer?" answer "Yes".
  5. After it installs, it will ask some "first time confguration" questions. Again, use common sense and answer the questions. NOTE THE FOLLOWING ITEM:
  6. Answer "No" to the retrieve information from header files.
  7. It will start your compiler/IDE with a "Tip of the day". We suggest you check the box in the lower left and select "Close".
  8. Close your compiler/IDE by using the normal red "X" box. We want to show you how to start your compiller normally.
  9. You start your compiler software similar to starting any software loaded on your machine ("Start" then "All Programs" then "Bloodshed Dev-C++" then "Dev-C++").
  10. On the menus at the top Select "File" then "Open project or file" then navigate to where your source code file (Compiler Test.cpp) is stored on your hard drive. See the suggested folder name above. Select the source code file and open it.
  11. You should see the source code listing. Press F9 key or select the "Execute" then "Compile & Run" from the menus at the top. A black screen box should appear and you answer questions appropriately to run the program. When you are done running your program the black screen box goes away.