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6 February, 2015 - 09:38

Definition 6.6: documentation

A method of preserving information useful to others in understanding an information system or part thereof.

Definition 6.7: vertical alignment

A method of listing items vertically so that they are easier to read quickly.

Definition 6.8: comments

Information inserted into a source code file for documentation of the program.

Definition 6.9: banners

A set of comment lines used to help separate the functions and other sections of a program.

Definition 6.10: braces

Used to identify a block of code in C++.

Definition 6.11: indention

A method used to make sections of source code more visible.

Definition 6.12: meaningful

A rule that says identifier names must be easily understood by another reading the source code.

Definition 6.13: consistent

A rule that says to type identifier names in upper and lower case consistently throughout your source code.