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Getting the Software

12 February, 2015 - 10:22

The full version of the software is named: Dev-C++ 5.0 beta 9.2 ( (9.0 MB) with Mingw/GCC 3.4.2. You can either download it from Bloodshed or download the version as of 12/8/2008 that is stored on the Connexions web site. Store it in the Cpp Software Download folder you created. The software is approximately 9.1 MB and will take several minutes to download if you are using a dial-up modem connection.


The software has not signifcantly changed since 2007 and the Connexions version will be sufficient for most users. The Bloodshed link requires some additional navigation to get to the software download. Thus, because it is signifcantly easier, we recommend that you download the software from the Connections web site.

Link to Bloodshed:
Download from here: